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October 23, 2017
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CWA Local 1120 Meeting
Tuesday Jan 19th, 6pm 
Special Guest- District 1 Staff Rep Mike Garry
New Paltz VFW Post #8645
101 State (U.S.) Route 208,  New Paltz,  NY  12561 United States

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Know Your Weingarten Rights!

If an employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequences may result from what he or she says, the employee has the right to request union representation. Management is not required to inform the employee of his/her Weingarten rights; it is the employees responsibility to know and request.

"If this discussion can in any way lead to me being disciplined, I respectfully request union representation before I answer any questions"

Protect yourself! Learn it, use it!

A Message From The President

The Executive Board welcomes all Communications Workers of America, AFL,CIO Local 1120 members to our web page. The purpose of this web page is to provide a means of supplying information about our local and labor issues.    To all cwa local 1120 members. I want to thank all of my fellow union brothers and sisters for their commitment, and determination in keeping our local strong. Together we can overcome any challenge that we may face.

Frank J. Fauci Jr.
President, CWA Local 1120


 We must guard against being fooled by false slogans, such as ‘right to work.’ It is a law to rob us of our civil rights and job rights.
Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining by which unions have improved wages and working conditions of everyone…Wherever these laws have been passed, wages are lower, job opportunities are fewer and there are no civil rights. We do not intend to let them do this to us. We demand this fraud be stopped. Our weapon is our vote.”

Martin Luther King



What's New at CWA 1120
4th Qtr Surplus

Notice of Election

Notice of Nomination and Election




The CWA Local 1120 Election Committee will be accepting nominations for the office of President, Executive Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and five Executive Board Members (area Business Agents). Any person is eligible to hold office if he or she has been a member in good standing for a period of one (1) calendar year. The term of office shall be for three years. The nominations of a person for the office of President, Executive Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer shall also constitute the nominations of the same person as a delegate to CWA conventions held during the term of office for which the election is being conducted.

Interested candidates can obtain petitions for office starting September 25, 2017 at the CWA Local 1120 Union Hall located at 157 Van Wagner Rd Poughkeepsie New York. Petitions must be returned to the Union Hall by 5 pm on October 13, 2017. 



The election of President, Executive Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and five Executive Board Members (area Business Agents) of Local 1120 will be conducted on: November 2nd, 2017, and the ballots counted thereafter. A vote cast for the candidate for the office of President, Executive Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer shall also constitute a vote for such candidate to serve as a delegate to CWA conventions during the term of office for which the election is being conducted. 

Members of the following bargaining units can vote at the polling locations listed below between the hours of 12pm and 7pmArlington School, Avaya, Chartwell, Marist, New Paltz School, Sterling, Vassar, and VerizonAll other bargaining units will receive ballots in the mail.


• Catskill:  ??Village Hall, 422 Main St. (above Police Station)
• Fallsburg:  ?Woodbourne Firehouse, 355 State Route 52
• Kingston:  ?VFW, 708 East Chester St.
• New Paltz:  ?New Paltz School District, Shipping & Receiving Bldg, 196 Main St.
• Newburgh:  ?Teamsters Local 445, 15 Stone Castle Road
• Poughkeepsie:  ?Italian Center, History Room, 227 Mill St,

Vassar College, College Center CN 204,

     Marist College, Lowell Thomas LT 016                                                                           


Only members in good standing are eligible to vote and may be asked to present a Local 1120 membership card, driver’s license, or some other form of identification at the polls.

If you wish to request an absentee ballot, please call the Union Hall as soon as possible at 1-800-292-1120 or 845-485-7820.  Absentee ballots are available for members who are on a scheduled vacation, scheduled to work a shift which makes it impossible for them to reach the polling location on the date of the election, are either hospitalized or non-ambulatory, or whose reporting location is outside the footprint of the Local. We will need to verify your current address to make sure our records are correct. When you receive the ballot in the mail, please read very carefully the directions that will be included, and return the ballot in the enclosed envelopes as soon as possible. Please note that if you request an absentee ballot, you will not be permitted to vote at a polling location. Absentee ballots MUST arrive by November 2nd in order to be tallied.

Quarterly Meeting

CWA 1120 




September 5th, 2017 at 6pm


2 Terwilliger Lane  

New Paltz NY

Verizon Job Postings

Verizon is Hiring for 200 Temp Field Tech Positions

If you know any one that has a son, friend daughter etc that needs a job, have them apply. The link is below. Have them apply for all that apply in whichever garage through out the state, let us know so we can get the names to the District for priority. There are openings in Newburgh and Poughkeepsie.

Sort by picking Operations on the left and they are all listed there. Listed as Field Technicians Line Worker.,desc
400 Club Winner

400 Club

Congratulations to Carl Bertsche for winning the 50/50 for the 400 Club

AT&T Strike Looming
21,000 AT&T Mobility workers will be on strike Friday at 3pm ET/2pm CT/1pm MT/12 noon PT if we do not reach an agreement with the company. This is a short strike - we will walk off the job on Friday, May 19 at 3pm ET and return to work on Monday, May 22 for our scheduled shift. 
If a strike is called on Friday, you should leave work and report to your picket location immediately. To find your picket location, call your Local. 
Strike updates will be posted on UnityAtMobility.orgFacebookTwitter, and will be sent to you via text message and email.
This greedy company makes billions off our backs but continues to try and take from us - demanding more work for less and trying to replace us with low-wage workers at third party dealers and overseas. It’s time to show them we’re not going to sit back and take it.
This strike will affect AT&T Mobility workers covered under the Orange contract in 36 states and DC (click here for the list of states). 
Keep in touch with your Local for updates and information - they will provide you with picket locations, signs, and times.
?? For the latest developments, join us for an emergency Town Hall Call on Wednesday May 17 at 8pm ET7pm CT6pm MT5pm PT. Text the word Mobility to 69866 to RSVP to receive a text with dial-in information. 
Going on strike is a decision that is not made lightly. Your bargaining team has worked countless hours to negotiate in good faith to reach an agreement, but this company is refusing to budge on the issues that matter the most to us. The Union has also filed unfair labor practice charges at the National Labor Relations Board over AT&T's refusal to furnish information related to bargaining.  We need to make it clear to AT&T that this information is crucial to reaching a fair contract.
We are counting on every single member to be out on that picket line and demonstrate the commitment and solidarity that have been the values we’ve lived by throughout CWA’s proud history.


  • A fair wage increase that is enough to cover increased healthcare costs. AT&T offered a 2% increase per year – not enough to pay for the healthcare increases coming.
  • For RSCs: a higher base and/or a commission plan that AT&T can’t change every month. Commissions for Retail Sales Consultants have gone down steadily over the past 2 years. Commissions are wages and a mandatory subject of bargaining.
  • No increase to healthcare contributions in 2021.  Ending the 2-tier plan so new employees can afford healthcare.  AT&T wants us to pay even more!
  • Job security language. Company-owned retail stores are being replaced with authorized dealers in record numbers. Call centers are shrinking here and AT&T is outsourcing more of our work. Network contracting continues and we are being left out of the new technology.
  • We need AT&T to commit to keeping a ratio of COR stores to Authorized Retail.  So far, they say NO!
  • Outsourced calls must be returned to our call centers.
  • Absence and attendance policy.  AT&T wants to add “wait days” before we can be paid when we call in sick. They also want to drastically reduce sick days for new employees.
If something changes at the bargaining table, we will let you know. Until then, expect to strike on Friday. 
In solidarity,
Dennis G. Trainor
CWA District 1 Vice President

CWA 1120 Quarterly Meeting

CWA 1120 




May 16th, 2017 at 6pm


2 Terwilliger Lane  

New Paltz NY

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