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August 26, 2016
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CWA Local 1120 Meeting
Tuesday Jan 19th, 6pm 
Special Guest- District 1 Staff Rep Mike Garry
New Paltz VFW Post #8645
101 State (U.S.) Route 208,  New Paltz,  NY  12561 United States

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Know Your Weingarten Rights!

If an employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequences may result from what he or she says, the employee has the right to request union representation. Management is not required to inform the employee of his/her Weingarten rights; it is the employees responsibility to know and request.

"If this discussion can in any way lead to me being disciplined, I respectfully request union representation before I answer any questions"

Protect yourself! Learn it, use it!

A Message From The President

The Executive Board welcomes all Communications Workers of America, AFL,CIO Local 1120 members to our web page. The purpose of this web page is to provide a means of supplying information about our local and labor issues.    To all cwa local 1120 members. I want to thank all of my fellow union brothers and sisters for their commitment, and determination in keeping our local strong. Together we can overcome any challenge that we may face.

Frank J. Fauci Jr.
President, CWA Local 1120


 We must guard against being fooled by false slogans, such as ‘right to work.’ It is a law to rob us of our civil rights and job rights.
Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining by which unions have improved wages and working conditions of everyone…Wherever these laws have been passed, wages are lower, job opportunities are fewer and there are no civil rights. We do not intend to let them do this to us. We demand this fraud be stopped. Our weapon is our vote.”

Martin Luther King



What's New at CWA 1120
AT&T Ballot
AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Plan
REVISED Tentative Agreement
Option 1 (Traditional PPO Plan) Option 2 (High-Deductible Plan)
Current 2017 2018 2019 2020 2017 2018 2019 2020
Monthly Contributions
Employee Only 82 89 88 98 110 32 44 57 70
+ Child(ren) 169 153 150 168 188 55 75 97 120
+ Spouse 169 245 241 269 302 88 121 156 193
Family 169 260 256 286 321 93 128 166 205
Tobacco Surcharge
0 50 50
Partner Surcharge 0 0 0 100 100 0 0 100 100
In-Network Medical Coverage
Employee Only 500 500 650 700 750 1,300
All Other Tiers 1,000 1,000 1,300 1,400 1,500 2,600
All Tiers 10% 10% 10%
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
Employee Only 2,000 2,500 3,250 3,500 3,750 6,450
All Other Tiers 4,000 5,000 6,500 7,000 7,500 12,900
Prescription Drug Coverage
Employee Only None None Integrated with Medical
All Other Tiers None None Integrated with Medical
Copays (30-day Retail, 90-day Mail Order)
Generic 10, 20 10, 20 9, 18
Preferred Brand 30, 60 30, 60 35, 70 35, 70 35, 70 35, 70
Non-Preferred 60, 120
60, 120 60, 120 70, 140 70, 140
70, 140
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
Employee Only 900 900 1,200 1,200 1,200 Integrated with Medical
All Other Tiers 1,800 1,800 2,400 2,400 2,400 Integrated with Medical
Dental Coverage (Employee Only / + 1 / Family)
Monthly Contributions
3 / 9 / 16 7 / 14 / 23
Plan Design Annual Deductible: 25/person (No Change)
Annual Max Benefit: 1,750/person (No Change)
Lifetime Max Orthodonic Benefit: 2,000/person (No Change)
Vision Coverage (Employee Only / + 1 / Family)
Monthly Contributions
2 / 5 / 7 2 / 5 / 8
Plan Design Annual Frame Allowance: 130/person (No Change)
Annual Contact Allowance: 150/person (No Change)
Tobaco Surcharge: Smokers will self-identify in open enrollment. The surcharge will be waived if the
employee enrolls in a free smoking cessation program.
Spouse/Legal Partner Surcharge: will be waived if employee attests that their partner does not have access to
other employer-based coverage.
Medical Out-of-Pocket Maximum: Amounts paid towards the deductible will now count towards your out-of-
pocket maximum.

Tentative Agreement at AT&T

CWA Statement on Tentative Agreement Reached with AT&T Mobility


Washington, D.C. -- The Communications Workers of America AT&T Mobility National Benefits Bargaining committee has reached a new tentative agreement with AT&T Mobility covering 42,000 workers. 


This proposed national agreement covers health care and other benefits.


CWA District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor said CWA “accomplished our main goal, which was to put health care benefits bargaining back in the regional bargaining agreement process and to make health care affordable for all Mobility workers.” There are four separately negotiated Mobility contracts that now cover compensation and working conditions. 


An earlier agreement was voted down by the members last month, and continued negotiations resulted in the tentative proposal that is being provided to the membership for a ratification vote. 


Ratification will be conducted over the next several weeks


Among the highlights of the new proposed agreement: 


• Reduced premium costs for 20,000 employees hired after 2014.


• Employees with dependent children and no covered spouse will pay lower rates under a new 4-tier contribution structure.


• Employees in Puerto Rico will be able to take advantage of popular HMO plans with much lower contribution rates.


• A new “Option 2” plan will be introduced with lower premium costs. 



Information and Ratification Meeting(new time)
CWA 1120
VZ Contract Information
and Ratification Vote
JUNE 6, 2016
7:00 P.M.
2 Terwilliger Lane
New Paltz
The registration for tonight's town hall contract explanation call has closed but anyone who has not pre-registered can dial in to the call which starts at 7:15pm.
The listen-only dial in number is 877-229-8493 PIN 114170.

We will be holding a Verizon and Verizon Wireless NY/NE contract explanation call on Tuesday, May 31 at 7:15 pm ET. District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor will review the the tentative agreement, answer questions about the agreement and discuss the ratification process.

Click here to register for the call or text NYNECALL to 69866. Pre-registration for the call closes at noon on Tuesday.

A summary of the Verizon NY/NE tentative agreement is available at

Information about the Verizon NY/NE back to work agreement is available at



Download: CWA District 1 NY NE Bargaining Report 5-29-16-1.pdf

BACK TO WORK AGREEMENT For CWA District 1 NY and NE May 29, 2016

Employees whose tours begin Tuesday night, May 31, 2016, and extend into Wednesday, June 1, 2016, will report to work for those tours.

All other employees will return to work for their tours that are scheduled to begin Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

Returning employees will return to work on the same tours to which they were assigned immediately prior to April 13, 2016.

In unusual circumstances, the Company will excuse employees, without pay, from reporting for a reasonable period not to exceed 72- hours from 5:00 pm, May 31, 2016. Members in this situation need to notify their supervisor prior to the start of their tour.

Employees on approved leaves of absence, approved medical leaves, suspensions or scheduled vacations shall report to work following expiration of such leaves, suspensions or vacations.

For two weeks following the return to work date, the provisions of the Collective Bargaining regarding overtime caps will not be in effect in order to reduce the work backlog resulting from the strike. Overtime will be assigned with due consideration to the safety and health of employees.

No employee will lose service or pension credit or life insurance as a result of participating in the Strike.

Unused vacation days and Excused Work Days remaining from 2015 which were still available on April 13, 2016, and which were not paid in lieu of during the Strike, may be taken pursuant to normal scheduling no later than September 30, 2016.

Floating holidays that were scheduled during the Strike may be rescheduled no later than September 30, 2016 and taken no later than December 31, 2016. 

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